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Imagine an experience that will lift you up and surround you with people who are there to empower and support you!!

  • Attend an inspiring workshop
  • Enter to win cool prizes 
  • Receive a psychic reading 
  • Experience a new healing modality 
  • Shop a variety of handcrafted items.


The Divine Intervention Collective


Cat & Cauldron

Utah Crystal Sanctuary

Xpnsion Network TV

LGBTQ+ Chamber

Catalyst Magazine


Crystalline Tribe

Wishing Forest


Four Needs


My Essential Collection

Treasures For Me

N.eer. G Activewear DBA Greens CBD

DragonLady Art

Crystal Warrior

Aura Camera (Anni Success)

Bonnie's Joy pin up and boudoir

Pure Romance

Allyson Chavez Intl.

Anderson Stones

Misty Roses Healing

Hippie Skin

Usborne Books and More

Inspired Evolution Project

Color Street

Your True Nature

Life Works

Solid Rock Art

Levitate Love

Random Inspirations

Old Ways of the Soul

NuLife Ventures

Michele Snelling LLC

Health Dynamics - Shine with Light

Path of the Willow

Warrior Goddess Healing, LLC

Hales Hypnosis

Shelli Howells, LLC

Demetri's Custom Shop LLC

10 Circles Foot Zoning & Wellness

The Neuro Clinic Lehi

Peaceweaver Spirit Medicine

Pink zebra

Fall In Love With Your Life

Zija-Independant Distributor

I had a great time.

We spend all afternoon with you and was able to do have are aura read, light therapy, cards read, and some energy work.

We bought oils and gems.

I got a lot of new contacts.

Thanks for being everyone together in one spot.

~ Jane

What a great event! 

So many interesting vendors and such positive energy! 

There is something everyone can take away from this event.  Things you have already heard about and new things to learn as well.

 Excited for next year!

~ Olivia

EMPOWER YOUR spirit, your health, your mind, your emotions, and your finances. 
Whether you join us for the entire day or just a few hours, the Expo is here for you.

Over 130 Exhibitors

Crystal jewelry, crafts, & art

Psychics & Mediums & Card readers

Herbs, Nutrition, food & drinks

Energy Healing & Bodywork

Healing, Coaching, & Spiritual work

Clothing & Fabrics

Crystal rocks & minerals

....and so much more


All of the outside negativity and energy does not define who you are.


You deserve time to give back to yourself without inhibition.


We all desire to be accepted and feel like we belong.

Society seems to suck you dry.

It can make you feel small or overwhelmed. 


It’s easy to get stuck.

To feel like you’ve lost what it means to accept and love

yourself unconditionally.


Inside you are a powerful being capable of whatever you can dream up.


If you want to discover that truth for the first time, or you already know you are brilliant but want to reach a higher vibration.......

 I am holding space for you!


Here’s your official invitation!!


Experience Empower You Expo 2020!


Imagine an environment away from all the outside noise bringing you down and dimming your glow.


Imagine an experience that will lift you up and surround you with people who are there to empower and support you whatever your needs are.


The Empower You Expo is a place where you can celebrate and amplify your unique power; no matter who you are or what your journey looks like right now.


Have fun away from the negativity of the world, and meet people who can support you on your path at the Empower You Expo.


Find yourself, participate in new experiences, discover tools to enrich your life, and connect with others.


Inspire - Awaken - Transform 


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