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Tina Jones

When you embrace your authentic self and take consistent action you can achieve everything. This belief is the passion behind both the Empower You Speakers Summit and Empower You Expo and are only a small part of Tina Jones Big Vision to support others to achieve their dreams.

Tina has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and knows very well the joys and challenges of business planning and growth. She has built multiple businesses from the ground up and ultimately sold her last business so that she could focus on her passion of equipping others with practical tools and strategies so that they can turn their dreams into reality.


Empower You will help you embrace your power to create the life you desire!!

"Soul Blueprint - The Language of Astrology"
Tru Eastman.png

Tru Eastman

Tru Eastman is an eclectic healer and mystic who inspires women by igniting possibilities. A hair stylist and makeup artist for 35 years she has worked with the outer beauty of an individual to access their inner beauty. Tru has observed the patterns that seem to part of every woman’s struggles, such as self-esteem, self-worth, Inner knowing, relationships, and the ability to speak our Will. A natural leader and teacher, Tru works with individuals while using a myriad of tools and guidance to connect with their inner wisdom and discover their unique essence Tru’s interest in the mysteries have been a life-long pursuit of learning and applying them to her daily life. She enjoys teaching others the “how’s and why’s” of living a Magickal life.


Tru is a weaver of energy and uses tools such as crystals, candles, cards, and meditation to connect with a situation. She is skilled in using Shamanic journeys to connect with guides, teachers and angels, and cord cutting to remove unwanted energetic connections. Currently, Tru is teaching a course called The Language of Astrology. Along with her partners in SoulSpark7- she hosts monthly full moon ceremonies, healing sessions and an online group called The Sisterhood.

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Candice Mallicoat

"Bring Balance To Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Food"

Candice Mallicoat is a Wellness Coach and Medical Mindset Expert specializing in chronic illness prevention and recovery. Her mission is to awaken you to your inner healing and higher self.


Her signature programs are based on 5 Elements of Wellness that were cultivated through 20 years of experience in traditional medicine, as a Certified Ayurvedic Digestion and Nutrition Counselor, and healing/managing over 12 illness, diseases, and infections herself.

lynn gordon.png

Lynn Gordon

“Practical Language for Easy Living”

Self, well-being and successful living is my hallmark, my “signature” of many years. My life’s work has been to teach people to forego the limitations they place on themselves.


Sadly, we end up short-changing ourselves and our futures when we don’t like ourselves or feel good about who we are. Think now! What limits you? What stops you? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go in life? Come! Join me and learn more about having That NOW! with Quantum NLP.

diane speaking with color logo - Diane C

Diane Cunningham

“Quick and Easy Shamanic Practices for Everyday”

I’m Diane Cunningham, the Spiritual Marketing Shaman, and I’m your bridge from the healing world to the practical world of Marketing, while feeding your soul and honoring your spiritual journey. As a lifelong learner, I love working with spiritual light workers and coaches who hate marketing to gain clarity and choose a focus so that they can create a plan for positive results in their businesses. I will help you with visibility to increase your reach and impact on the planet now.

“The Power of The Empath”
Mary Baird.jpg

Mary Baird

Sessions with Mary Baird are not for the faint of heart. They are for the courageous dreamer, the go-beyond seeker, for the one who is ready to discover more about themselves and is ready to create a more magical life. Mary Baird has been extensively trained in many modalities, including Access Consciousness, Quantum NLP, and Healing Touch. Mary currently facilitates local Access Bars classes and global Magic in Action telecalls.

“How to Create More Calm in Your Life”
Energy Healing For Couples September 201

Rich Jones & Susan Bare

Meet “Energy Healing for Couples” award-winning authors Susan Bare and Rich Jones. This powerful couple decided to overcome the odds and obstacles with relationship building, and they did it without drugs, just pure positive and powerful energy.

They were just looking for how to have a better relationship, and they wanted to have great health to go along with it. Thus, this became their mission, to help others have happy, healthy relationships while enjoying great health as well.

Come to learn how to create calm in your life, they will show new ways to finally have calm in your life.  

“The Truth About Changing Your Thoughts”
Sarah Beth Prince.jpg

Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince is a business leadership trainer, mental awareness mentor, life strategist, and personal development coach for those wanting to get more out of their life. She helps driven people to increase their awareness to a level that truly brings them the joy they have been seeking all along. She shows them how to get what they want without sacrificing what they love.


Katherine Hacking

“Reclaiming Your Voice After Abuse”

Kathy is a master practitioner & teacher, massage therapist, & oracle. She provides sincere nurturing & change that is graceful & lasting. Kathy has effectively taken her childhood abuse, neglect & trauma & resolved, transformed & transmuted all of that into the wisdom & kindness she uses to deftly work with her clients & students. When you are ready to have integration & alignment with more of who you are, come experience Magic with Kathy!

“Discover Your Purpose Through Organizing”
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Jenna K. Lindsay

Jenna Lindsay is passionate about helping overwhelmed and stressed people declutter and downsize their possessions so they can focus on what's most important and live their personal purpose. After coming back from a self-discovery trip to Peru and seeing what a difference her organizing services made to family and friends, Jenna realized she could combine her passion with her career. Jenna specializes in the KonMari Method of organizing, serves as the Secretary for Utah Professional Organizers, and is the owner of Chaos to Clarity Organizing, LLC.

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Cheryl Millgate

"Discover Your Unique Erotic Map to Pleasure"

Cheryl Millgate is an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Sex Educator. She has a passion to bring these Blueprints™ to as many people that want more passion, more pleasure and more fun in their love lives and to be more alive and fulfilled in all aspect of their being. She was born and raised here in Provo, Utah a and was raised in the LDS faith. She has two grown children, a daughter, and a son and has worked in the Healthcare industry for many years as a Health Unit Coordinator. She is also a Hair Stylist.

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