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Jan Brady

Assists people wanting to connect with loved ones that have crossed over and those seeking spiritual development, physical and emotional healing and awareness of their life purpose.

Jan Brady

Esther Graves

Reading that enable you to improve your connection to self and nonphysical loved ones. As a Medium and Intuitive she gives clarity, focus and a connection to Spirit. Sit down with her to feel uplifted and inspired.

Readings by Esther

Susan Smith

Eckankar means "Co-worker with God." It offers ways to explore your own unique and natural relationship with the Divine. With the personalized study that is a part of Eckankar, you get divine guidance to apply in your everyday life and on your journey home to God.

Utah Satsang Society, affiliate of Eckankar

Stephanie Orawiec

"From the Earth's crust to our hands" is the slogan of Inclusions. Vintage upcycled/unique handmade creations. Crystals, minerals and gems. They take all that mother nature has to offer them and make it more beautiful and useful.


Katie Kennedy

OMWellness Utah is a health & wellness center offering, massage, energy work, life coaching, hypnotherapy, essential oil tonics and esthetic services. It is a one stop shop for mind, body and soul healing. 

OM Wellness

Rebecca Puffpaff

Gridgoddess offers a variety of spiritual tools to help clear and create your sacred space. They offer crystal grids, aura and sacred space sprays, oils, candles, smudging supplies, tapestries, and crystal kits. They specialize in laser engraved crystals, and moon phase grids. Add some magic to your life with Gridgoddess!


Ryan Morgan

My Little Pine Shop has log furniture and decoration with a purpose. All of us at one time or another have allowed "Beetles" to eat away at our fleshy insides. Drugs, pornography, hatred, abuse, jealousy, self-doubt will all eat away at us unless we follow the example of My Little Pine and rid ourselves of these beetles so we can be built into something beautiful and useful.

My Little Pine Shop

Konor Rockhill

A Shamanic High Priest trained in various traditions as well as an esoteric metaphysician and energy practitioner facilitating shifts within one’s energy and consciousness for progression on the path of self-mastery and well-being living a life full of joy and enlightenment. 

Spirit Elevations

Zo A Kilmowicz

Wonderful vibes, unique designs, sacred geometry, positive affirmations, oven fired at 1300°f in scratch-proof ceramic ink on clean, clear, beautiful, environmentally friendly glass water bottles, protected by a one-time replacement warranty at a great price, brought to you by a family owned business... what's not to love??? ❤

Vibe Bottle

The Center for Spiritual Living Salt Lake is an open, welcoming community, celebrating their divinity, loving humanity and nurturing their journey of spiritual discovery. Stop by to receive your positive affirmation card.

Hannah Celeste

Hannah Celeste Photography is a photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s been a photographer since 2012 and she absolutely loves what she does!  When she look through her lens, she doesn’t just see a person. She sees you, your beautiful heart, and your light.

Hannah Celeste Photography

Eric Bailey

B.E.S.T., or the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, was originally designed as a superior technique for chiropractors to use. It differs from traditional chiropractic in that there is no cracking or popping involved. It also does much more than align the spine. While it certainly accomplishes that, B.E.S.T. also removes stress that is stored in the body, leaving the patient feeling calm, relaxed, and happier. In addition to B.E.S.T. they also offer training and coaching.

Feel Well, Live Well

Eric Bailey

This is the new Green way to be buried. There are mystical properties being connected to the earth this way. This pyramid is aligned with true north, just like the pyramids in Egypt. The Great American Pyramid offers you the opportunity to memorialize your loved ones in the “8th Wonder of the World.” Oce completed, The Great American Pyramid will be the largest pyramid in the world, towering nearly 600 feet into the sky. “Live this life to its fullest, then spend eternity like a King.”

The Great American Pyramid

Misty Merck

At Misty Roses Healing, she offers coaching and holistic healing services through Intuitive Readings to help overcome obstacles that are subconsciously placed in our path that caused pain. She use techniques learned as a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Shaman, Energy Worker, and from her own life experiences as an Intuitive.

Misty Roses Healing

Gelene Cox

Gemstone jewelry set in (primarily) sterling silver. Heavy focus on the metaphysical properties of the gemstones. Also, Orgonite for cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Jewelry by Jo

Robin Fullwood

Rockin Robin's Rock Shop sells wire wrapped crystals and other stones for metaphysical healings. They also sell loose crystals and other polished stones.

Rockin Robin's Rock Shop

 Mariah Haws

Amare Global creates natural mental wellness products for a community of passionate people who desire an extraordinary life.

Amare Global

 Julie Park

She began her jewelry creation business in 1974.  The advent of wire sculpting added to her skill of silver-smithing has made her an award-winning artist, including many blue ribbons and Best of Show awards. Stop by the Treasures for Me booth to see her latest creations.

Treasures for Me

Susan Bare

Say No to Fighting, Yes to Intimacy. They are Energy Healers who coach couples to improve their relationship as well as their health. Every couple can benefit from their services.  

Energy Healing for Couples

Lilly Johnson

Daylilly Arts is dedicated to bringing joy, health and wellness to all, using art as the catalyst. They serve all populations in small and personal classes, customizing the lessons to meet the level and needs of their students.

Daylilly Art

Rodney Van Doren

They are passionate about what they do. They love to assist people in having a great experience in purchasing their rocks, crystals or minerals to serve them on their perfect journey!

Treasures N Creations

Kara Willis

Receive information and experience a taste of Foot Zone Therapy (balancing the body through the feet) and Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Soulful also offers a small number of nutritional supplements, vitamins and enzymes from natural sources. 


Lisa Ferre

Top 5 global skin care & cosmetic company! Innovative products that are healthy and help you feel & look your BEST! Lisa Ferre will be doing a drawing and giveaways!

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Grace Zamora

Wanderlust Boudoir doesn’t just offer pretty photographs of women. They offer a self-love experience that is empowering, loving, and full of uplifting, positive energy.

Wanderlust Boudoir

Wendy and Jesse Thorne

Wendy will be sharing Organic & Botanical product lines while her sister Jesse, will be sharing herbal remedies from her own apothecary.

Holy Vortex Foundation & Organic Touch

Nguyet Nguyen

Specific Chiropractic is not about getting adjusted or even receiving adjustments; it is about living a life free of nerve interference. In fact, our goal in care is actually to deliver as few adjustments as possible. Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care focuses on removing nerve irritation to restore communication between the brain and the body.

Jenee Carlson

Crystals, Angels, Gems and more! A sacred space for metaphysical healers to connect with powerful healing tools and crystals. Special gifts of Love & Light.

The Crystal Angel

Jill Tranmer

BeNow Hearts are 35" people-plushies (fabric dolls) with a mission to help humans master the art of self-love by honoring emotions, feelings, thoughts, and experiences. BeNow Hearts can be customized DIY style and place expression masks over their natural Joyful face as a natural way to contemplate emotions, and interact and respond in a safe, loving space.

BeNow Hearts

Blake Peterson

Peterson Chiropract is a chiropractic clinic whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in the community by healing others without drugs and surgery. They provide a wide range of services that treat complaints such as back pain, headaches, and whiplash. Their goal is not only to get people out of pain but provide them with the tools necessary to live a sustainable and healthy life.

Peterson Chiropractic

Lynea Krukiewicz

Life After Placement is committed to serving women in their complex journey post placement. Providing ethical and effective tools and resources for healing and forward movement. They want all Birth Mothers to be successful in rebuilding their life after placement and empowering them on a daily!

Life After Placement

Tiffani Fries

Tiffani uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning.

Kathleen Murdock

VOXX products have been designed with the end user in mind.  Every Voxx STASIS Sock and VoxxSol Insole are embedded with Voxx HPT technology.  In addition to providing benefits that make these the best socks and insoles in the world we have made sure to use the best materials in producing the best quality and feel for all of our products.

Betty Pegues

A professional Psychic Intuitive who have been giving readings for the past 15 years that will be offering Intuitive, Oracle and Tarot Card Readings, 20-minute for $20, additional $2 if paying with a credit card.  All who sign up for a reading with me will receive a small thank you gift as well as get entered into a drawing for an amazing gift basket consisting of a large crystal, energy clearing kit, jewelry and more.

Soul Works

Erika Workman

Access Bars facilitator, CFMW.

Erika and her daughter Kenya will be doing Symphony of Possibility sessions at the expo.  In a Symphony session we bring consciousness into unconscious areas of your life, connect areas that have been disconnected, dissolve limitation and create more space than you've ever experienced before.

The Possibility Queen

Gary Harrison

Loving Life Health PMA empowers you to take charge of your Holistic Health. They provide education, innovative technology and tools to treat the whole body, and not just symptoms. They do this by using the CHAO Total Body Scan and CHAO Remote Unit.

Loving Life Health PMA

Meera Jain (BS, DPS)

Meera is a Personal Transformation Expert and a pioneer in the emerging field of Energy Psychology. Her signature programs ‘Fearlessly Authentic’ and ‘Energy-Based Psychotherapy’ have a proven record to bring about life-changing transformations in people. She is well known for being able to heal many issues in a SINGLE session and has developed a systematized program to heal and transform mental health conditions such as Anxiety and Depression.

Institute of Conscious Living

Ronda Green

Quality fitness and yoga wear for women. Bringing great brands to Salt Lake City. Leggings, Capri's, Tops, Shorts. 

Neerg Activewear

Heidi Bradley

We fast-track western practitioners to integrate powerful holistic healing tools into a thriving and abundant health practices.

Elixir Lab

Phillip Ross
Over the past 35 years Phil has created a unique Symbolic Language card deck that allows one to see an intuitive snapshot of their life including the people and other specific influences presently on their path.
From this “birds-eye- view” you will be empowered to make critical changes in your life so you can
attract what you truly want instead of simply doing the same thing over and over getting the same
results. Come enjoy a fun and exciting interactive personal reading with Phil, where you will truly be
amazed with these life changing revelations!

Symbolic Memory

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