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Pets deserve self care too!

My friend’s cat, Larry, broke his leg last week.

He is a mostly outdoor cat, roaming the neighborhood at will, so who knows what mischief he got himself into, but the fact is he hobbled home last week with one leg out of commission.

As you may imagine, my friend was distraught. They’d been given this cat after an acquaintance found him abandoned as a kitten, and “LarryCat” had grown up to be her toddler’s best buddy! He comes running from anywhere in the neighborhood whenever they call his name, and actually “heels” like a dog when they go on walks!

Needless to say, she took him in to get doctored up. There was, of course, an x-ray and splint involved; some painkillers for at home; the usual. But this was LarryCat… he deserved more than “the usual.” And indeed, her family loved on him and coddled him and gave him extra special gourmet dinners. But my friend found herself wondering if there was something more holistic she could be doing to help the healing process…

Enter some of our vendors at this year’s 14th Annual Empower You Expo. I mentioned last week how important it is to treat yourself… well your furry friends want in on that too! Which is why I’m excited to highlight a few of our guests:

First we have Pet Wants, from Sandy, UT. They offer high quality pet food and treats, delivered straight to your door. If you believe that your fur baby's nutrition is just as important as the rest of the family’s, you’re going to want to stop by their booth!

Next is One Balanced World, a Salt Lake company that uses the healing power of crystals and stones to help animals find mindful balance. Whether you want to quell your canine’s separation anxiety, boost your cat’s immune system, or adopt a rescue animal, they’ll have the perfect pendant for your pet.

Lastly, you’ll find animal-appropriate CBD products at Rhonda Green’s Hempworx booth (yes, CBD can be beneficial for our furry friends, too!). They offer dog treats and bacon-flavored hemp oil, both of which your pooch will love!

Now I know many of you have a pet that is as unique and loved as LarryCat (who, by the way, is healing up nicely), so I want you to do the both of you a favor and come to Empower You, where you can treat yourself and your animal friend(s)!

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here or at the door.

P.S. Your pet won’t want you to miss this!

P.S.S. Be sure to tell a friend!

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