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What is a Pagan in Simple Terms

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Building bridges within and around our Community


Whether you’re relatively new to the Metaphysical World (lightworking, holistic healing, etc) or not, ever caught yourself wondering…

What IS a Pagan, anyway?

Tina Jones, chatted with Michael Ingleby from Cat & Cauldron to answer just that!

Michael reminds us that “Originally it was kind of a derogatory term... Today the word Pagan has become an umbrella term for anybody who does not adhere or does not follow a primarily Abrahamic or Christian-based kinds of faith. If you're not following those kinds of beliefs, you are considered pagan.”


Fun fact: If you’re Pagan it doesn’t automatically mean you’re a Witch. Pagans simply don’t fit into the societal “norms” of your typical main world religions.


As a practicing Witch himself, Michael made some fascinating connections between some of these common terms we hear in the “lightworker community”.

Michael hopes that his support for the Empower You Expo will bring together the community that seems divided based on these labels between Pagans, Witches, Lightworkers, and Shamans.

“Shamans and witches are basically the same thing.” explains Michael. “We are all on the same team, and want the same things”.

We may call ourselves different names, but the healing we offer ourselves and others holds the same intentions for the greater good - for peace and healing of all living things.

“The work that you would associate to your shamanic practice is actually very much what we do as witches. We are very closely connected to the physical world, we are masters of plants, minerals and stones, we do a lot of work to heal our communities, we do sit primarily as spiritual figures - not authorities necessarily because we're not. We're not religious in the sense that we would ascribe to authority, but we are alternative spiritually in our practices.”

What are some of the tools that witches use?

Michael describes, “Well, lots of different things and I'm sure every witch or pagan that you would ask would probably give you a different answer. A lot of people identify as pagan in their belief. What distinguishes Witches from Pagans is how you practice. We use crystals, stones and herbs.”

What about Harry Potter Wands?!

“You know people see things on TV about witches carrying wands like Harry Potter, right? We use tools like that actually and they do have practical applications, a lot of the work that we do our rituals and our spells. The most powerful tools that a witch will have will of course be my wisdom, knowledge, and the heart - as well as compassion and feeling. Those are going to be the most powerful tools that a witch has in their tool belt.”

For more about Cat & Cauldron, check out Facebook, Instagram, and their website!

Wanna come see Michael and Tina at the Expo? Get tickets, they’re available now!

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