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Treat Yourself!

Have you ever looked at your schedule only to be overwhelmed by the lack of white space or scheduled self-care?

I know I have.

Have you ever gotten to the end of your week (or your month; or your year), completely exhausted and unable to remember the last time you did something for you?

Yep, guilty.

It’s moments like these when I think ‘we all need to re-watch Parks and Rec and take to heart Donna and Tom’s advice to “treat yourself!”

(Yes, that includes YOU.)

What better way to do that than a day spent perusing handmade jewelry, eclectic fine art, and all-natural soaps and skincare… perhaps stopping for a henna tattoo or astrology reading… then scheduling a boudoir photo shoot for later.

You can find all of this and more at this year’s 14th Annual Empower You Expo on April 27th, 2019!

As you browse handcrafted items and converse with others with your same interests, you’ll rediscover the magic that is loving yourself. You might leave with a trinket or two, or some new art for your home. Or, you may connect with a new friend, or a healer that will help you level up in life.

Whatever your experience, I know that you will come away from this year’s expo feeling joyful, and we all owe that to ourselves now and then.

Tickets are just $5, and can be purchased here.

I can’t wait to celebrate YOU!

P.S. Share this with a friends so that they can join the fun with you!!

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