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April 2, 2019


Inside you are a powerful being capable of whatever you can dream up.


I truly believe that about people. In my mind people are awesome and yet they hold themselves back.. They stay silent or small to accommodate others around them. They don't speak out or stand up for what they want in life. They simply go along with the flow of life and what others want until one day they wake up to themselves. Only then can they see that when they speak up with courage and confidence they can choose to create the life that they desire.


I say this not at all from a space of judgement but rather from a place of knowing. That silent accommodation space it one that I know very well. Somehow it feels right in the moment. The other person really means well, right? When you care about people it is easy, at least for me, to see the world from their perspective and to lose yourself. Until you learn differently.


Tyrel Wiltse and I talked about this in this podcast recent podcast interview which you can listen to here.  https://soundcloud.com/tina-jones-17768784/mli-podcast-tina-jones-11-30-18