Are you ready to get in front of thousands of new people?

Join hundreds of other healers, transformation guides and shops from around Utah!
Mountain America Expo Center
9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Stand out in the community
Be seen with other experts
Connect with peers
Grow your practice
Experience the high vibe energy
  • In Hall 2 at Mountain America Expo Center.

  • OPEN from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

  • Set up Friday, May 1st, noon - 6:00pm

  • Car access loading dock 

  • 10 x 10 booth space

  • 8' colored back drape and  3' sides

  • ID sign with company name

  • Business listed on event website

Vendor Pricing

Save $150 when you register before November 30th!!

Green Zone      $450  

      Now only $300  

Yellow Zone      $350  

   Now only $200  

Orange Zone    $200 

  no discounts apply

Add on Options

Power Pkg: $85

Decorator Pkg: $75
* 8' table skirted
* 2 padded chairs
* Wastebasket
Media Pkg: $150
* 1 ticket to VIP night
* social media promotion
* blog featuring business
* email featuring business

What do past vendors have to say?

Dani Allen

We debuted our company and first two products at the Empower You Expo hosted by Tina Jones.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience! Tina and her team are on top of every last detail.

The whole event went so smoothly and it was very well organized.

Tina is also truly just a phone call away. She has been so helpful, she answered all my questions (even ones I didn't know I had!) and from the day I signed up, has offered some of the best coaching I've ever received.  We will definitely be back next year! Many many thanks to you, Tina, and your wonderful people!

Michelle Hansen

It's an amazing and unique event - great vendors and  wonderful engaged organizers! This was my second year as a vendor, will certainly return next year!

Betty Pegues

 This event is on top of my list.

I had an amazing time. Tina Jones does an amazing job with not only organizing and putting on this expo, but doing everything possible to make sure as vendor, you are prepared and equipped to have a successful and happy experience.

If you are on the fence about whether to become a vendor…get off it and secure your spot, especially if you’re feeling the pull to. If you are new, get ready for an amazing time. If you are wondering if you should come an experience the wonderful energy, products and services offered, do so, it will be worth it. 

Meet your event host

Tina is a life transformation facilitator and business strategist.


She believes that when you embrace your authentic self and take consistent action you can achieve everything. 


Tina is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the creation and expansion of their dynamic business. 

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