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Premier Sponsors

Tina Jones

A Visionary, a Connector and an Intuitive Business/Life Strategist.  Supporting all kinds of business owners on their journey of discovery is her specialty, helping them to uncover new possibilities, craft their purpose, and prioritize their values. She is an expert at working with entrepreneurs, perhaps like yourself, to create a clear roadmap to your biggest dreams.

Over the past 22 years, Tina has built multiple businesses from the ground up always adapting her business to her family’s needs at the time. Relentlessly, she faced her challenges head-on, embracing her own intuition, developing personal skills and not succumbing to the outside pressures of people saying “It can’t be done”. 

Tina is honored and thrilled to now be the host of the annual New Consciousness Expo founded by Christiane Turner continuing the tradition of holding space for so many gifted healers and lightworkers.

Janet Wall

"The Sacred Energy Empowerment Center's mission is to provide high-quality, rejuvenating products and services to our community; that offer spiritual awareness, growth, and transformation. Within this peaceful respite, clients can enjoy a variety of alternative, holistic, and spiritual interpretations and modalities, all within an unbiased and loving environment."

Lynn Gordon

We are excited to announce another transition of growth in the Quantum NLP tribe. Lynn Gordon, who is a fantastic leader, trainer, coach and mentor to so many, is taking over the responsibility for Quantum NLP training and certification programs. Lynn has contributed much over the years to the Salt Lake City NLP community and we are excited to have her at this year's expo yet again.

Rob Barnes

A local astrology reader.  His ability to read the life path of his clients, and touch on important details from past, present and future events enables him to provide his clients with useful information that impacts changes.

Professional Sponsors

Tony Thimakis

Owner of Mind Body Soul Alliance an expanded facility that provides Hypnosis for change, Hypnosis Training, Meditation and Meditation Training, Spiritual Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Energy Healing, Tarot, and Yoga. We provide group classes and individual sessions. They hold weekly classes and offer individual sessions. 

He works with the National Guild of Hypnotists local chapter to provide Continuing Education. They meet monthly offering free hypnosis classes and group sessions on a weekly basis. 


Stop by his booth to learn more about all of his ongoing events and experience a mini hypnosis session.

Aaron/John Neal 

Emergence 2018 is a three-day event of inspiring speakers, workshops, music, and community. We have created this event because we want you to thrive in this time of rapid change. We believe that you can shift and even transform your life into a higher expression of love, peace, contribution, and joy. We know that a beautiful life is possible for you, and in our hearts, we know that a more beautiful world is possible for all of humanity.

Philip Dugas

Visions Unlimited offers products of awareness as well as herbs and minerals.

Visions Unlimited

STAR Exhibitors

Barbara Rosner

Hand-painted products as well as handmade jewelry, greeting cards, orgonites, good luck charms and other products.

Lori Young

Healthy choices for your pets! Freeze dried treats and other animal part oddities, fresh kibble, house made healing items and wholistic alternatives.

Kristin Kooring

Crystal healing amulets for different behavioral or medical issues which can be used as a preventative measure. They can be attached to a pet collar, kennel or in their living space.

Barbara Williams

Intuitive guidance, Medium and certified Reikik Master/Teacher. Energy Rejuvination clearings, Dream Interpretation, and Pranic Healing.

The Enlightened Way

Tru Eastmon and Autumn Moon

Four Magickal women who practice what they preach, and share the tools and daily practices that make their lives truly Magickal!

Bonnie Jensen

Scentsy offers wickless candles and essential oil scents. No flames, danger of fire or soot. Scentsy also offers laundry items to bring the calming essence into all aspects of your home.

Amber Powell

One-stop, potent solutions that nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin and underlying tissues from the inside out. Aloe Vera-based whole body skin care suitable for every skin type. Fresh, locally hand-crafted, multi-use skin products made of all-natural, certified-organic ingredients.

Amy Hasna - The Crystal Fairy

Magical hand-made crystal creations, fairy/fantasy creations, and more!

Jenna K Lindsay

Personal and customizable in-home organizing services specializing in the KonMari method of organizing. People who are in transition and want a change in their physical space to reflect the inner changes they are making.

Sean Neuman

Utah Medium has some of the most connected and gifted lightworkers on the planet. They have been doing readings for years and can perform light to deep spirit clearings.

Stephanie Barber

Levitate Love creates a balanced, peaceful, and harmonious life through Reiki healing sessions and energy readings. Giving others the tools to create healing in their own lives.


Theresa Draper

A lapidary artist and metalsmith/silversmith who create cabochons and wire wrap pendants, or silversmith rings, earrings, etc. from start to finish.

Trent Arrington

Ghost Dog Enterprises makes handcrafted jewelry, handmade wind chimes and Utah white sage bundles. They also create packaged Diatomaceous earth, energy healing work and medium photo readings.

Ghostdog Enterprises

Mary Baird & Kathy Hacking

Mary Baird is a gifted empath, devoted Access Bars Practitioner and facilitator of magic. Yes! There is an easy way to find your own brand of joy and happiness with Mary Baird. She’s your bridge to less anxiety, deeper self-connection, and a reframing of your own points of view and limitations.


Paula Scout Henry

All about Scout Jewelry offers hand wire wrapped healing crystal necklaces, a large selection of other uniquely designed jewelry pieces using primarily natural stones and crystals. All designs are offered at incredibly affordable prices.

Shelby Cazier

Leave feeling mentally clear, emotionally balanced, physically well and spiritually connected. Shelby uses the modalities of Reiki, ThetaHealing, Oils, Crystals and Sound Healing. Shelby connects with your Higher Self, your Angels Guides, and loved ones.

Energy Alignment

Devanie Stout

Breezy Soles hand-makes barefoot sandals “Breezy Sole” and Boot Bracelets - anklets for boots. Prices are low so that everyone can afford the items.

Diane Cunningham

Spiritual Marketing Shaman - Marketing & Business Coach using proven marketing strategies inconjuction with shamanic tools.

Cindy Andrews

More then just hardware. Silver Star has something for everyone from hardware & home improvement to jewelry & gifts.

Cydney Webster

Cydney Joe Coaching helps people to let go of their negative emotions by using mind and body based techniques that promote built up energy to leave the body quickly and naturally.

Cydney Joe Coaching

Kathileen Santillanes

Grandma Mary's Soap & Art makes custom soap for non-profits and businesses wanting that natural herbal products. They feature various local artist creations that are hired to go with their festival needs. Jewelry, art pieces, stickers, lotions, soaps, lip balms, & dog friendly products for fury kids also.

Grandma Mary's Soap & Art

Mike Carlson

100% Pure CBD and CBD infused products for your mind, body, spirit and family. PUREST CBD on THE PLANET! 0% THC - absolutely ZERO! AWESOME CBD Goodness for everyBODY!

Deborah Rogers

LuLaRoe clothing has amazing clothing for women, men and children. They have comfortable, stylish, fun and trendy shirts, skirts, dresses, leggings and more!

Rogers Fashion Fun (LuLaRoe)

Faith Fielding

Sun & Moon Wholistics foot zone therapy is a treatment to remove blockages in the entire body through rubbing pressure points on the feet. They also have handmade Jewel's Gemstone Jewelry Intuitive Angel Card Readings.

Julie Hirsche

An interventionist and energy healer. Jan has been creating colorful handmade dolls to bring joy and happiness to anyone who sees them. 

Meet your mojo pal. Every one of our colorful designs is totally hand made and unique to its self. Jan has been helping people find their companion for about 6 years now. Don’t miss the chance to adopt a monster for your home or office today!! 

Monster Socks/Hirsche Recovery

Kaelene Scow

A health and wellness coach. Zurvita products are packed full of superfoods that absorb better in your body. This stabilizes blood sugar and sustains energy throughout the day.

Michael J. Ingleby

A professional psychic and spiritual coach. His day-to-day work includes divination and mediumship as well as crystal energy healing and Sun/Moon healing modalities.

Michael J. Ingleby

Jacqueline Morasco

She created Unity Mantra Cards that are new and unique. They offer the user an opportunity to embody the affects of their reading through the power of sound using mantras, artwork and wording that were intuited for each card.

Melissa Cecala

Energy work and empowerment coaching to facilitate shifts in self-perception, heal DNA/ancestral blockages, and find your true voice and unique personal beauty, fostering a more vibrant and fulfilling life in your "real world."

Reality is Magic

The Sacred Way/ Holly Wood

Sharon Bertelsen

Pure Romance by Sharon Bertelsen has bath and beauty products to make you feel pretty. Their products contain pheromones in them to help increase your confidence.

Crystal Zimmerman

An energetic life coach who focuses on helping others bring healing into their own lives. Having served in the Navy, she has a true passion for the moral injuries that Veterans face. She's dedicated her life to finding growth after her own military experience and trauma.

Golden Threads Wellness

John Phillips

If you’ve ever been curious about trying hypnosis, now is the perfect chance for you to pull the trigger for only $39. Hypnosis WOW! – Utah’s Family Hypnotherapy Clinic When Nothing’s Worked, we do!

Hypnosis WOW

Lori McCullough

Organic non-GMO energy and supplements.


Jill Franklyn

The Original Oil Shop is passionate about natural healing and have found essential oils to be a valuable tool in this process. They specialize in blending and are able to make custom blends on site.

Jamie Dickamore

Young living essential oils provide support to every system in the body. They offer toxic free cleaning products, supplements, body care, animal products, a kids line, and much more.

Young Living Essential Oils

Natalie Westwood

Essential oils and information on how to better your health with doTERRA products.

Carly Gossard

Have total ease with your body and your life with the Access Body processes. They can start to unlock and open everything you truly are and everything you truly be your core essence.

Access You


Cynthia Clark

Palmistry life coaching and holistic shifting offering Life Purpose hand analysis sessions and Trinfinity-8 fractal healing sessions. Also offering products, Cynthia's recently published book: Stories in Your Hands and Palmistry Inspiration Cards.

World of Hands

Toby Parcell

Sunrise Opportunities is a collective of Utah artists that endeavor to raise the awareness of the general public about art. They work with a variety of mediums and genre to better encompass the whole of the art experience. Their main focus is to expand and enrich the art, wellness and healing communities through our efforts.

Sunrise Opportunities


Jodilyn Turner

Art with a re-purpose.

Whimsical Creations

Jeni Vandall

Purchasing from a small company with handmade products is a much better choice.

They work with small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Their ingredients are responsibly sourced, and pure. Farmhouse Apothecary wants you to know what you are putting on your skin! Their soaps are PALM FREE!

Farmhouse Apothecary LLC

Exhibitors accept all type of payment methods.

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