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3 Reasons to Attend the Expo. + Vendor Highlights

It is brisk spring morning in late April, a Saturday. You start your coffee maker, glance out your window, and take a deep breath.

Today is going to be a beautiful day!

A few weeks ago, you felt prompted to purchase tickets to the 14th Annual Empower You Expo, and as you get ready for the day, you let your thoughts wander on what you may learn and the people you will meet.

You’ve been feeling sort of stuck lately, and you’re hoping that the expo can act as a catalyst for you to make necessary changes in your life.

What those changes may be, you’re not sure; improving your diet could certainly help... becoming more organized could shift something too... maybe a reiki session is what you need... or how about that CBD oil everyone has been talking about? Sometimes when you think about all of it, the path to healing can feel a little overwhelming, but today you’ve committed to simply be present, letting your intuition guide you to the most beneficial resources and connections for you.

You arrive shortly after the expo begins, and already you can feel a shift in your energy: you feel lighter, more open to possibility. There is a magic in the air, making you curious to learn more about the unique vendors and attendees around you.

By the end of the day you’ve made some great connections, and you leave feeling a deep sense of peace and gratitude for your own journey. You know that there is healing to be done, but you feel less overwhelmed about it than you did even 24 hours ago.

You’re excited about life again!

This was exactly what you needed.


I invite you to join me at the 14th Annual Empower You Expo on April 27th, 2019! We’ll have vendors from every walk of life-- artists with hand-crafted goods, nutrition experts ready to share their knowledge, energy healers in multiple modalities, and more!

If you are feeling stuck lately, you will want to be at this event!

As you connect with creatives and healers, you will rekindle that same spark within yourself, giving you the inspiration to up level your life.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here. I can’t wait to see you!

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