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  • Heidi K. Niitsuma

Honor your fear, an invite to shift towards respect and gratitude.

I'm pausing for a moment, to post on Facebook... And I invite you to listen briefly, while you breathe calmly. You're here scrolling anyway, you might as well?

I've watched your posts, received messages, heard the talk, and seen the empty shelves at the stores.

And I am here to remind you today that this virus is not something to be feared. **It is something to be respected**. Like a bear, or a wild animal. Like the car you drive, or the food you partake.

It is something we are learning to adapt to, be sensitive to, and prevent from spreading to loved ones who are most susceptible.

I invite you today to spread HOPE, and empowering messages. I invite you to simply envision how beautiful and REMARKABLE it is that we touch so many lives every day.

Can you imagine spreading healing, love, peace, joy, or compassion and empathy this much? This swiftly? Like a virus intended for World Peace and Love?

Continue washing your hands and adapting to the changes we experience as humans. Do so with grace, compassion, and the understanding that this is an opportunity for us to learn something new.

Honor your intuition and the fear-centers of your mind that scream at you when the world feels like it's falling apart (they are different parts of your body after all).

Honor your heart and your Being as you learn to navigate these messages with *equanimity*. Do so intentionally (on purpose!).

Your thoughts become your reality, choose them wisely my friends.

We are getting through this together, peacefully, with good healthy and intentional measures.

Have a beautiful day, my beautiful friends <3 Heidi K. Niitsuma

(Photo Cred ) Tom Hanks

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