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  • Lisa Karasek

How do you know if you’re living your best life?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

How do you know if you’re living your best life?

I meet people all the time who ask, “How do I get to what I want?” And say, “I don’t know how to.” Through my years in the healing realm, I have met and talked to a lot of professionals who do know.

No matter what level or degree of “I don’t know” you’re at, a practical and do-able session is what you need. The holistic approach to preventing and reversing ailments, or dis-ease, is what you’re after.

Selene - Healing Studio in West Jordan, Utah might be the place you’re ready for. It’s a place of POWERFUL healing, in a CALM environment, the feels like HOME, unlike any others found in the greater Salt Lake region. Selene - Healing Studio is comprised of multiple practitioners, from Shamans to Mediums to Coaches, who offer a variety of healing and therapeutic services to bring everyone to their optimal state of wellness and wellbeing.

Selene - Healing Studio is the Executive Sponsor at this year's Empower You Expo, September 25th at the Mountain Exposition Center in Sandy, UT. They will have multiple practitioners available for mini healing sessions. Owner and Founder, Robyn Eyre-Long, will be available to meet with practitioners about building their businesses at Selene - Healing Studio. At 3:00 on the main stage, Selene - Healing Studio will be presenting a practical healing experience and introduce practitioners available to share their pathway to healing and to answer your questions.

I invite you to attend the Empower You Expo where you will meet some of the practitioners and the owner of Selene - Healing Studio, Promoting Balance and Healing.

The Studio offers a full menu of modalities and approaches for Healing, and Illuminating Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Some of the services provided are, Reiki, emotional healing through hypnosis, soul alchemy, sound therapy, EFT, sexual wellness, overcoming limiting beliefs, chakra balancing and aura cleansing, Emotion Code, trauma release exercises, and other natural healing methods. You will find there are private and group sessions, classes available, and a monthly healing fair also. Selene - Healing Studio is the perfect place for everyone.

When you walk into Selene - Healing Studio, it’s like walking into a warm, personal space, and you just know you’ll be taken care of. You’re going into a private, secure, and comfortable environment.

At Selene - Healing Studio, they care about your overall wellbeing, and they promise – yes, promise – to provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools that you need to be healthy.

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