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Junction City Today Interview About the Expo

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Doug: Welcome to Junction City today I'm Doug Jared Dean and I'm with Tina Jones, and we're going to be talking today about an expo that Tina is hosting.

Doug: I think I do I need to attend to find myself at your Expo

Tina: It is your one stop shop for all things, self love and mindfulness.

Doug: It seems like the world needs something like this today, so give us the name and tell us the dates and then tell us some of the fun stuff that people will find when the attend.

Doug: It's called the Empower You Expo. Why do people need to empower themselves and at your Expo?

Tina: Empower You Expo’s mission is to INSPIRE you to become your best self, AWAKEN you to the knowledge that you have your answers, and support you as you TRANSFORM your life into the one you have always dreamed of having.

Doug: In Utah, we have a heritage different from other states and because of that state a lot of folks look to traditional spirituality. By that I mean going into a building and sitting on a Sunday or Saturday, but you're talking about alternative spirituality. What do you mean?

Tina: This is an all inclusive event. It includes the alternative wellness community. We will have some traditional things such as therapists, life coaches, authors, and also things like crystals and metaphysical shops, pagan shops, Reiki practitioners, foot zoning, face zoning, hypnotherapy, any kind of change work that can help an individual find themselves, and empower themselves to create change in their life that they want to have

Doug: Because of what we've been through for the last 14, 15 or 16 months now, it seems like people are looking for almost anything in the world, to help them get from point A to point B.

Tina: Yes, there's a lot of stress and anxiety in the world today, and that is what's so beautiful about attending this event is you can shop and explore different practitioners and services to see what works best for you. This event is a kind of a smorgasbord of all things metaphysical. You can try and sample each one. Practitioners will be offering mini sessions, so that you can get a tarot card reading and get maybe 10 minutes with a medium or a psychic or numerologist or maybe try out hypnosis or some other process that you haven't tried before.

Doug: They would get the access by going to a website and buying a ticket there is that the best way?

Tina: You can find information on Facebook, Instagram and on the website, all under empower you Expo, and the website And the page on Facebook is Empower You Expo page on Instagram, it's Empower You Expo. So there's lots of ways that people could find the information on social social media as well.

Doug: You say there could be upwards of 100 different practitioners or presenters? Yeah, because it kind of blows me away that there are so many different types of healing modalities.

Tina: So practitioners will have a little booth space. Some of them will be selling products like handcrafted crystal jewelry, or even loose crystals. Handcrafted soaps, essential oils, and lots of service based businesses as well.

We will have a stage, and each one of the sponsors will be presenting.

Dr. Juhl T Helius, as the PREMIER SPONSOR, will be the presenting speaker on the main stage with both a panel and audience Q&A as well as an informational session on basic spiritual transformation skills and tools.

We also have EXECUTIVE SPONSOR SELENE - HEALING STUDIO will have multiple practitioners available for mini healing sessions. Owner and Founder will be available to meet with practitioners about building their businesses at Selene - Healing Studio and will also present on the main stage.

I will be offering a 21 journey's guided meditations, which are three minute guided movement meditations, so that you can experience what a journey is like.

We will also be offering a sound bath.

So you can shop and visit each one of the practitioner booth spaces and also experience the things being presented on the stage.

We're gonna have super cool event T-shirts and swag bags. If you grab a VIP ticket you have extra bonuses involved with that. Check out the website if you want to find out more about that.

I think that people need to be exposed to a variety of options. Energy Healing and Metaphysics is definitely something that is very experiential and very personal, and you kind of get to try it to see what works best for you.

Doug: Well, Tina, we appreciate your time. Thank you.

Thanks so much for being with us. Have a pleasant day.

This has been Junction City today.

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