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Shift into a Higher Vibration

There’s no such thing as standing still.

Have you ever experienced a period of dramatic growth? One where you can almost feel each of your cells shifting their vibration to a higher frequency? The insight happens over the course of a few days, or weeks, and it’s as if you’ve uncovered--remembered-- a secret of the Universe that has been lying dormant in your psyche all your life.

Paradigms shift.

Incredible things happen.

We find ourselves dealing with common experiences in uncommon ways.

It’s truly a beautiful blossoming of the soul.

But then, we settle into this new normal and we are reminded that this act of becoming who we truly are is an ongoing, life-long journey. An end destination does not exist, and if we stop our personal growth efforts, we actually regress.

There’s no such thing as standing still.

It becomes important, then, to continue putting ourselves in places that facilitate growth; to continue surrounding ourselves with people that inspire us. It becomes important to make connections with others on a similar journey, so that we may lift each other up when we go through these periods of temporary stagnation. This is why I am inviting you to the 14th Annual Empower You Expo on Saturday, April 27th!

There, you will find healers and empaths, psychics and intuitives. You’ll find handcrafted art, natural health and beauty products, and dozens of healing modalities to help you reach your next breakthrough!

Most of all, you’ll find connection, guidance, solidarity, and support on your own beautiful, nuanced journey of Self-discovery.

For only $5 (in advance or at the door), this is an event you won’t want to miss. It’s a minor investment for a major impact!

I’ll see you there,

P.S .Enter to win this amazing geode on display at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center❗️

Requirements to enter to win: Purchase your ticket BEFORE 11:30 PM Friday night before the event. Tickets Here

  • Get your ticket today to qualify

  • Drawing will be done on the day of the event

  • Winner will be announced over the PA system, called and emailed

  • You have one week to claim your prize or another winner will be drawn

  • Prize cannot be exchanged for any other item or turned in for cash

  • Must 18+ years old and have the ability to pick up the geode either while at the expo center or from Sacred Energy Empowerment Center later that week

Other drawings will be held that day and ONLY ADVANCE PURCHASE TICKETS will be entered into this drawing.

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