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Reflection and Gratitude

Green coffee mug on table

Today, the words flow as the tears flow.

Big, silent tears stream down my cheeks as I sit quietly in bed, drinking my morning coffee. My hands wrap around my favorite mug of the strong, black, delicious, caffeinated brew.

A Vibe mug.

Deep. Black. Ceramic. With sacred geometry symbols on both sides.

I am wide awake, and intensely present in my body.

Reflecting on yesterday’s events, I am humbled, grateful.

Checking in with myself, I ask some questions:

Am I tired? A little bit, yes.

Is it exhaustion? No, not at all.

On the contrary, my body is very alive, grounded, and present.

I am here.

I am home.

What do I feel in this moment?








That last word says it all.

Everything listed above is what I set as an intention for each of the guests who attended the Empower You Expo 2019 and for every vendor who held space and offered their services.

A thought quietly drifts through my mind: As you give so shall you receive.

I received so much from everyone in attendance-- guests and vendors alike: supportive, encouraging words from everyone I met; gifts of support and gratitude from vendors; stories and words of gratitude from guests...

As business owners, we bring our core values into our business. Our business is not us but it is a reflection of us. It is birthed through us and is a new creation-- a new gift to the world. As we grow, it grows. When we are in alignment with our core values and create from that empowered space, we will feel the difference and so will everyone who interacts with our business. Some people (who are our not our people) will naturally fall away or choose to not interact with us, and that’s okay.

I think we all get preoccupied with wanting to be everything to everyone at times, but by choosing that mentality, we give away our power. Instead, when we live our lives with conviction and choose to be at peace with those that opt for a different path, we are happier. We live lives of grace. We are more able to influence positive change.

Today, I am simply grateful. I am grateful that I was able to create from that place of alignment and turn this expo into a reality, one that empowered guests and vendors alike. It is proof to me that I am on the right path.

I wish the same for you.

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