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How to Clean up your panicked thoughts fast

Have you ever watched a movie that you thought was absolutely terrible?

Did you go back and watch that same movie, again and again?

Well, of course not. Why would you do that to yourself?

Why then do we sometimes do this very thing in our own minds?

What kinds of stories or movies are you choosing to play out over and over again in your mind? Do you produce quality movies that create the kinds of feelings that you want to feel? Or do you catch yourself in catastrophic thinking?

I'm going to encourage you to become a producer of good quality movies.

Right now more than ever it is super important to manage your thoughts. We are all being bombarded with everyone else's fear stories about the Coronavirus.

Stories suck us in and create strong emotions. Take charge of your thoughts and stop listening to all of the panic and fear-based stories. Educate yourself with some real facts and then take these following actions:

First step - Ask yourself the following question;

What outcome would you like to have in a certain area of your life? Take a couple of minutes to see or visualize, in your mind, a clear picture of what that positive outcome looks like.

Each day you want to focus on creating a picture or a movie in your mind of exactly what you do want to have in your life. Become the producer of awesome movies... in your mind.

Now take your mental movie production just one step further. Say out loud what you want to have in your life.

  • Write it down

  • Declare it daily out loud.

  • Believe it.

As you take these actions to manage the movie theater in your head, you will begin to feel all of the positive feelings that go along with the pictures and the words.

Voila. There you go. You have now produced a quality mind movie that is worth watching over and over again.

The more you do this, the more you will become a producer of incredible mind movies!

As a result, your actions and behaviors will automatically begin to change and move you in the direction that you are wanting in your life.

So, go... produce some kick-ass mind movies!

P.S. Message me back and tell me what you are visualizing or Join the conversation over in the Facebook group Healers in Business - Conversations & Connections the Empower You

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